Crucial MX500 vs BX500 

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Technology makes your computer better every year and SSD is one of the cheapest options to upgrade your machine today. Depending on your system, those who need an affordable SATA drive can go with Crucial MX500 Vs BX500 which are not only easy to the pocket but also reasonably good in performance. They are however, quite different from each other and before heading to get one, let’s see what they can offer and which will be your most ideal choice by checking our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Moving to SSD
  • How to Choose an SSD
  • What are Crucial MX500 and BX500
  • What Crucial MX500 and BX500 Look Like
  • What are the Controller used in Crucial MX500 and BX500
  • How are the Performance of Crucial MX500 and BX500
  • Crucial MX500 Vs BX500


Nobody wants a slow PC; if possible, we want to have one that can still work as fast even while multitasking. But, sometimes we have to accept the reality that our computer is already old and it has been worn out or not capable anymore to handle your common activities. While a new machine seems to be the answer, we may save much just by changing the drive itself because chances are what you have currently is an old hard drive with moving parts.

SSD is the answer to modern computers and they have become very affordable nowadays hence people are starting to move to this new option to upgrade their machine. You don’t have to buy the best model out there because if what you have now is a hard drive then any SSD will most likely improve your PC’s performance and yes, including the entry-levels because in general SSD is at least three times as fast as hard drive in most common use scenarios.

Choosing an SSD

If this sounds like a promising effort to make your PC better, here are some factors that you may want to consider first when shopping for the new SSD because just like everything else, our needs can vary widely.

  1. Budget comes first for many decision-making and this is applied when looking for SSD as well. While it is tempting to buy for lower capacity such as 120GB instead of 500GB or even 1TB, note that smaller SSD has small room and usually slower than its higher capacity variants and what’s interesting, their price gap is not that much which is why we personally recommend going for higher capacity.
  2. The next most important part is compatibility since there is no use of getting a drive that can’t be used in our system. Make sure to go for the model with the form factor and type of connector you have. For example, if you have a modern gaming PC, chances are you can use most or even all modern drive types and if you have a slim laptop, the M.2 type like Samsung 970 EV0 Vs 970 EVO Plus which look like a gum package will be mostly what they need.
  3. The last is SSD type and this is the most confusing part especially for those who are not into this type of tech-thing. Nowadays you will be faced with either a SATA or PCIe connector in which the latter is obviously faster and both of them can come in the form or M.2 drive. There is also NVMe protocol made to support fast and modern storage but, if your application is only doing common office jobs or even games, this protocol will most likely not going to give noticeable increase in performance.

What this new protocol will help are those users whose daily jobs consist of heavier tasks such as transferring large files, doing high-end video or photo editing, as well as things like compression and decompression.

  Crucial MX500  Crucial BX500 
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About Crucial MX500 and BX500

Choosing the best or at least most suitable SSD for our machine may take some time but it is always better to know what we are doing so we can decide wisely. If you are here then it means the option falls into SATA drive and while this is not a very desirable technology anymore in 2020, they are still very reliable for a common upgrade and if your task is not as heavy or as demanding that will benefit from using the PCI Express.

After you have decided which interface to match the machine, now is the time to see the competition because you may be surprised to see how many of them out there; some are well-known names like Samsung, WD, Corsair, and Intel, while some are pretty much unheard of. Among those that you can count on especially on the SATA model is Crucial, the Micron owned brand which is not often the choice of enthusiasts but does carry some greatly priced products in its collection.

They do compete in both entry and high-end markets with different products and we are happy to see this company offers some of the best options for your SATA system. The popular options in this range are probably the Crucial MX500 and BX500 that are kind of similar but also different. Currently, their price gap is quite small for the improvement and as many of you may already know, the MX model will be superior in every part compared to its little brother.

Crucial made a good decision by offering these two drives at different markets as they are using different technology as well. If the MX is its offering in at least mid-range performance, then it is easy to tell that BX is what it has for the entry-level; providing the choices for both types of customer. While the BX500 does lose in this comparison, we are sure many will still be happy for its performance and it is also a good option for light purposes such as storing your games library.

Crucial MX500 and BX500 Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, Crucial MX500 and BX500 are looking just like any standard 2.5 drive but they use a different appearance here. The big brother MX which was released earlier sports this silver case while the BX model has the black case with a reclining print on the surface regarding its model name. They are coming in this 7mm size which is often used in laptops but it seems that the MX500 will give you the bracket as well for installation that requires a thicker profile.

Crucial MX500 and BX500 Controller

From the technology, both of these drives are already different and the prominent part is probably Crucial’s decision to upgrade the 16nm planar 2D MLC flash and Silicon Motion SMI controller in the original BX100. The new BX500 is then paired with SM2258XT 4-channel SSD controller and their latest 64-layer 3D TLC flash. It is actually a good combination but needs expensive DRAM for caching so they remove the DRAM and allow the drive to store critical flash translation layer directly on the flash instead in DRAM buffer.

On the other hand, the MX500 uses SMI SM2258 which is an older model but Crucial did say that its Low-Density Parity-Check error correction algorithms are powerful enough for the new 3D NAND. 

Crucial MX500 and BX500 PCMark 8 Testing

Moving further, now let’s see how these drives perform with benchmark tests and starting with PCMark 8 which is a trace-based benchmark that uses MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite, WoW, and Battlefield 3, the program will help to measure these drives performance in real-world application. The result shows weakness of DRAMless construction as MX500 works better in applications with large datasets. Using the FFXIV Storm Blood, game load times also appear to be far better in the MX model in which it is even slightly faster than the popular 860 EVO.

Crucial MX500 and BX500 DiskBench Testing

SSD ranking usually looks prominent in terms of transfer rates performance especially when comparing SATA, NVMe, and the newest gen drives. Using DiskBench with custom 50GB block of data with thousands of mixed files, the test shown BX500 only slightly better than HDD in this comparison with WD Blue HDD while the MX series are, while not sitting at the top in other similar drives range it is still better in copy transfer rate but, for the difference in read transfer it is only slightly.

Crucial MX500 and BX500 SYSmark 2014 Testing

The last test we want to mention here is BAPCo’s SYSmark 2014 SE because this one uses real applications as well to measure system performance but also adds the variants with 14 different applications we often used in early-life including MS Office, Chrome, and several Adobe software applications. Installation was quite fast compared to the old system using HDD and even the BX500 is noticeably faster about 3 and half a minute but, you can finish the installation 2 minutes quickly with MX500 compared to its brother.

As for the responsiveness, the BX500 is also prominently faster than an old HDD and you can definitely notice it in real-life but similarly, the MX500 will be even faster and while the difference is not as huge as the installation time, the SM2258 controller indeed works more reliably.

Crucial MX500 vs BX500 

Changing into SSD is the most affordable option to upgrade an aging machine and both MX500 and BX500 will improve your computer from HDD but, compared to each other, it is also prominent that the MX is a better model. It has a different controller and overall more reliable especially in data copy as well as installation and response for daily application including for game loading and other tasks with large datasets.

- Sequential reads/writes up to 560/510 MB/s and random reads/writes up to 95k/90k on all file types
- Accelerated by Micron 3D NAND technology
- Integrated Power Loss Immunity preserves all Your saved work if the power unexpectedly gets cut
- AES 256 bit hardware based encryption keeps data safe and secure from hackers and thieves
- Boot up faster. Load files quicker. Improve overall system responsiveness
- 300% faster than a typical hard drive
- Improves battery life because it’s 45x more energy efficient than a typical hard drive
- Micron 3D NAND – advancing the world's memory and storage technology for 40 years


It is easy to recommend Crucial MX500 because it is a good performing SSD in the plethora of options out there but we find it hard to also do the same thing to BX500 as it is lacking in today’s standard, moreover when the price gap between the two is not as much.

NOTE : Product prices, availability, ratings and save money information are accurate as of the date/time indicated on post time (as seen right bellow the tittle) and are subject to change. Any price, ratings, availability and save money information displayed on Amazon Site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

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