Flash Storage VS Solid State Drive

This is easy to find the variety of storage media. The number of the digital storage is growing and offering the different technology inside. Generally, the technology is including hard disk, flash storage and solid state drive. But for portable use, flash storage and solid state drive are getting more popular. It also available in huge memory capacity too. Beside it, the small size makes these storage media easy to plant into the portable device such as tablet and smartphone. To know more about these storage media, let’s take a look about the difference between Flash Storage VS Solid State Drive.

Flash Storage VS Solid State Drive

Flash storage is a device that used flash memory as the storage media. In the other side, solid state drive is a storage device that using integrated circuit so store the data. In the past, SSD is just like a RAM. This is volatile and require continuous power to save the data. When there is no power, the data will be lost. Flash storage is different. It stores the technology permanently even without power applied. But now, SSD can store the data permanently. SSD is flash based and does not have any moving parts now.

For the portable use, flash storage is more popular. It also has the smaller size and more portable. But unlike SSD, flash storage is lower in quality. This is why the performance is worse than solid state drive. Beside it, flash storage also has the aging issues. This is why the performance can be worsen during the time.

Based on the comparison, you can see if solid state drive is more durable and performs data store better. This is why SSD has been used for many serious usage, especially if you need the fast and the reliable data store. But if you want to get SSD, you need to prepare more money.

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