Serial ATA or SATA has variants that will be used regularly on computers, laptops, netbooks and some other possible devices. Recently, a lot of people are asking about mSATA vs. SSD. There can only be one of them that can be considered as better than the other. Will it be mSATA or maybe the SSD? We’ll find out about it soon.


First, let’s take a further understanding about mSATA. The term of mSATA is known as the abbreviation of Mini-SATA. It is known as the smaller version of SATA meant for the smaller devices. Everything SATA has will also occur on mSATA just like how micro USB to USB. Netbooks are known as the prime devices for mSATA. Aside of that, some laptops or the other small devices are compatible to mSATA. At the other hand, SSD or solid state drive is a very obvious type of SATA drive designed for PC and some laptops. SSDs are made to have high performance and meant for high speed as well.


The more traditional mSATA tends to be slower and lower in performance as well as capacity because it is meant for smaller devices. But the more modern mSATA offers speed as fast as SSD. Right now, there are newer SSDs with PCB in the similar size of mSATA. In the SSDs with speed as priority, the M.2 option is chosen. This option can be as small as mSATA (or even smaller) but faster.


Overall, both of mSATA and SSD with ordinary SATA will provide relatively similar experience to the users. mSATA is no longer slower with lower capacity and can be considered as the alternative of SSD. Both of them are fine choice. The prices for both of them are varied. So far, SSDs are considerably more expensive compare to mSATA.

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