OCZ Vertex 2 Review

SSD is getting more popular now. The speed and the durability make this storage media so reliable, especially for enterprise. But SSD is not just for enterprise. In this time, you can find this technology inside the laptop or PC desktop. If you are looking for SSD, OCZ can be a good consideration. With OCZ Vertex 2, this brand offers the better help to people. To know more about this storage media, you can see OCZ Vertex 2 Review in here.

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OCZ Vertex 2 is coming to give the high performance storage media. It offers the fast writing and reading speed. The reading speed is about 285 MB per second and the writing speed is about 275 MB per second. But for the higher capacity such as 240 GB above, the speed will be getting lower. Read also : OCZ Vertex 4 Vs Samsung 840 Pro.

OCZ Vertex 2 is available in 2.5 inches drive. But it also equipped with 3.5 inches rails. It allows the drive to be mounted in the desktop easily. With SATA port, it is easy to install this SSD on any desktop. Just like the other SSD, OCZ Vertex 2 provides the reliable performance too. It runs on the low power and shock resistant up to 1500G.

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Interestingly, OCZ Vertex 2 is also RAID support. For this, you can use it as a single storage media or use it as a RAID. It makes this SSD good for file server. Talking about the MTBF, it can reach up to 2 million hours.

OCZ Vertex 2 Review

OCZ Vertex 2 Review
– NAND Flash Components: Multi-Level (MLC) NAND Flash Memory, Interface: Sata 3.0Gbp/s
– Life Expectancy: 2 million hours Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF), Reliability: ECC: 27 bytes of redundancy per 512 bytes of data
– OS Compatability: Windows XP 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Linux, Certifications: RoHS, CE, FCC
– Max Read: up to 285 MB/s, Max Write: up to 275 MB/s, Sustained Write: up to 250 MB/s, 4k Random Write (Aligned): 50,000 IOPS, Seek Time: 0.1ms
– Power Consumption: Idle: 0.5 Watts, Active: 2 Watts, Performance Optimization: TRIM (requires OS support)

OCZ Vertex 2 is a good SSD. This is reliable, easy to use and fast. It has tested as web server storage media. And impressively, the result is pretty good. Overall, OCZ Vertex 2 is not disappointing. For file server, the performance is also impressive. Even this is the best in its class. OCZ Vertex 2 is available in 50GB up to 480GB. And for the price, it looks cheaper than the others.

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