PNY Optima Vs XLR8

Choosing the right SSD for you may not a simple thing to do. You have to consider a lot of things first and then faced with the many options out there. All of them are claiming to be reliable and some even come with a very interesting price. In today PNY Optima vs XLR8 we will compare these two brothers to give you information regarding what you can expect from them. If one/both of them took your interest, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are PNY Optima and XLR8
– What PNY Optima and XLR8 can offer to you
– PNY Optima vs XLR8

If you are not familiar with SSD yet, let us provide a brief explanation for this drive type. This drive is a storage device that you can found in your computer whcih is used to hold all of your data, such as operating system, pictures, videos, and documents. What make people shifting from HDD to SSD is because this type of drive will increase your speed significantly besides all those side features that makes them even more powerful than hard drive.

About PNY Optima
PNY Optima is probably among the most affordable SSD you ever encounter. This drive is released back then in around 2014 and even at that time it was already shockingly low in price. What you will first notice when looking at the unit must be the controller. This one has Silicon Motion SM2246EN SATA 3 that even though it is not new now, it was when this drive released because it also the first unit to comes with the controller. It seems that the company was trying to win the race of performance with the entry and with the price, it definitely looks very appealing.

Just like when you are try looking for a new SSD, the first thing you may want to check is the form factor. PNY Optima comes with the standard 2.5 inches form factor, which is also the size of your HDD.

PNY Optima Capabilities
PNY Optima is available in a range of capacities start from 120GB to 480GB and they are listed at speed up to 510MB/s read and 315MB/s write with 65K IOPS read and 50K IOPS write. The controller is capable of 265-bit AES encryption but it is not available in the drive to ensure its maximum value. When you look at the inside of the drive, you will know that the company really did make this drive to be budget friendly.

The overall packaging is correctly mirror what’s inside. When you look at the PCB, you can see that the drive have 16 Micron’s 20nm MLC NAND memory module, divided into two parts in either side of the board. If you connect it to FBGA Decoder, it will show that it is the MT29F1G0CBCABH6 and with 240GB capacity, each of those NAND are feature 16 GB of storage.

PNY Optima Price and Warranty
Looking at the price, PNY Optima is definitely aimed at entry level but without scarifying the performance. The drive is currently priced at around $100 for the 240GB capacity which makes it down to 41 cents per GB, it is currently not the cheapest SSD out there, but still very affordable. The company list 1 year limited warranty + 2 years with registering. Check the video benchmark on YouTube.

About PNY XLR8
PNY XLR8 is not another budget friendly SSD you can get in the market. It is actually released earlier than Optima in our article above around 2012. This drive is not as affordable as Optima but it should have at least similar performance to the younger brother. It is said that the drive is able to increase your PC performance level significantly as well as provide high speed data transfer, superior data security, as well as advance reliability. For those who are looking for better performance and willing to pay for the price, this one may suit your preference.

PNY XLR8 still comes in 2.5 inches form factor that can be mounted easily in your laptop or PC with 3.5” HDD if you use an adapter. This is the old XLR8 model and not the popular CS model that aimed for gamer.

PNY XLR8 Capabilities
PNY XLR8 is available in 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB similar like Optima but this one support 128/256-bit AES encryption for maximum security as well as powered by Sandforce 2281 controller. It is claimed to be able to reach 400MB/s sequence read/write speeds and 70k/40k random read/write IOPS. When you pick a drive, you usually will ask is this MLC or TLC, well this one somehow didn’t listed the type of NAND used, so it is not clear what it is the company used in this one.

Looking at price point, it is not cheap and you probably will also think that this is and MLC. In present day the TLC vs MLC thing may not relevant anymore because TLC have been improved to even beat MLC but this may not the case here since this one is released years ago.

There are mixed review on the product, some said it is great but many also said it is not worth the price. Common report are sudden failure even when used only a couple months. Some reported it last for around 2 years but with the price, you probably want more than just 2. Read also: Samsung 840 EVO vs Intel 530 here.

PNY XLR8 Price and Warranty
Today, PNY XLR8 is priced at $260 for the 240GB capacity that makes it fall around $1.08 per GB, it is not a bad bargain but you can find more reliable drive at this price point that have better review from the users.

Now, let’s compare PNY Optima with PNY XLR8. From specification what’s separate them is the controller because Optima use JMicron while XLR8 use SandForce. From average write, read, 4K read, 4K write, Mixed, 4K mixed, and Sustain write PNY Optima leads all the number while XLR is proven to be not as good as the claim.

PNY Optima Vs XLR8

- Consumes significantly less power than a traditional hard drive, which translates to longer battery life
- Shockproof, durable, low power upgrade to HDD
- 7 mm SSD with spacer in the box
- 3 year warranty: Limited 1yr + 2yrs w/registering
- Enthusiast Series: Compute grade flash for heavy workloads, enhanced reliability, and gaming
- 10X faster and higher reliability when compared to an HDD
- Sequential Read/Write speeds: 400 MB/sec
- Random IOPS : Up to 70,000

All in all, the decision is all your to make. In our opinion, you can pick whichever caught your attention but you are picking an SSD to improve your computer speed, so it is best to choose the fastest you can afford. Looking at the performance and price, we will highly recommend you to choose PNY Optima over XLR8.

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