Sandisk Extreme 900 Vs Samsung T3

As it turns out, many who do not know about Solid State drives or commonly referred to with the SSD. SSD is one of the main storage medium in addition to the hard disk. Inside a computer, SSD and hard disk serves as media to put all of the data. Booting a computer also uses both of these things. For brand, who would have thought that so many companies engaged in their jobs who were issued special products only, such as SSD Sandisk Extreme 900 vs Samsung T3 are often compared because either features or price. Curious? Refer to the following article.

Sandisk Extreme 900 vs Samsung T3

Sandisk Extreme 900
SanDisk Extreme 900 portable SSD is already using the USB Connector Type-C and offers a speed of nine times better than other similar products. SSD is specifically designed for photographers, videographer, creative professionals, and technology enthusiast. SanDisk Extreme 900 provides storage space up to 1.92 TB. The available storage space is indeed very big to support the storage of video with a resolution of 4 k. Parties to the SanDisk SSD has stated that the data transfer rate reached 850 MB per second. Working directly on the drive is more time efficient also with 35 times. A faster access with solid state of technology, there is no moving with parts to break or overheating and SanDisk SecureAccess encryption software saves your files privately. When your livelihood depends on it, turn to brand professional beliefs. SanDisk Secure Access encryption software keeps your files private. Also, get 3 year warranty after purchasing this SSD. Compatible with PC Mac computer and without the need for drivers. Works well with Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows and Mac OS 10.6+.

Samsung T3
Do not to be mistaken with the previous review, since the review this time just different on the number 5 which is in the Sandisk Extreme 500 vs Samsung T3. The Samsung T3 SSD is the latest company offering external SSD, a market that has been surprisingly empty despite the growing adoption of solid-state technology. T3 utilizes Samsung V-NAND technology and comes in a generous 2TB capacity that can be doubled the ultra portable SSD T1 a year ago to meet the needs of media professionals and enthusiasts who deal with a ton of storage. Samsung has also made them new portable drives compatible across various operating systems; The default configuration is exFAT, which is a file system that is often used in various systems. Utilizing Gen.1 USB3.1 (5Gbps), you can even connect T3 directly to your Android device, while Samsung Portable SSD app for Android allows users to organize and access their content. In addition, the T3 comes with an optional AES 256-bit hardware encryption through the included app. Samsung pointed out that this protection feature will not affect the performance of the external SSD, which is quoted to provide 450MB/s in both read and write speed. In addition, Samsung has changed its interface on portable USB SSD 3.1 type C, which allows for future choice of compatibility, although ships with cable that includes USB 3.0 for the host side.

Sandisk Extreme 900 Vs Samsung T3

Sandisk Extreme 900Samsung T3
Key Features- Seriously fast portable storage for high-res photos, videos and graphics-intense files - Up to 9x the speed of an external hard drive - Up to 1.92TB of SSD-speed storage that's small enough to take with you- Portable Design with Internal SSD-level Performance - Superfast Read-Write Speeds of up to 450 MB/s - Shock Resistant & Secure Encryption - Compatible with PC, Mac, & Android OS

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In terms of size and form factor, the Samsung T3 is obviously a lot smaller and more compact than the Sandisk Extreme 900. Another certain benefit of the larger size of the Sandisk Extreme 900 is the ability to deal with heat more effectively. In real-world situations, the Samsung T3 drive gets hot considerably fast, whereas the Sandisk Extreme 900 stays cool even after prolong use. That is all the conclusion Sandisk Extreme 900 vs Samsung T3

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