SanDisk Extreme Pro VS Ultra Plus

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SanDisk is one of the most popular brands of memory cards and their SanDisk Extreme Pro Vs Ultra Plus are highly rated for the performance. While most of the cards in this lineup are very similar to each other, the former is currently at the top collection and is often more preferred. For those who are looking to buy a new SD card, let’s see what they can offer and which of them you may like better.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Choose Memory Card for Camera
  • What are SanDisk Extreme Pro and Ultra Plus
  • How are the Card of SanDisk Extreme Pro and Ultra Plus
  • How are the Write Speed of SanDisk Extreme Pro and Ultra Plus
  • How are the Read Speed of SanDisk Extreme Pro and Ultra Plus
  • How are the Performance of SanDisk Extreme Pro and Ultra Plus
  • SanDisk Extreme Pro Vs Ultra Plus

Memory Cards for Camera

Because there are so many different options when it comes to memory cards, it can be very confusing to choose one that you will insert in the device like a camera. Memory cards are extremely important for devices like cameras and handheld consoles because they provide room to place your data whether it is so you can keep more or access it later when needed. For those with modern DSLR or mirrorless, a full-size SD card is what we use in the device.

The first thing you may need to know about the card is choosing the correct type to use. Full-size SD Card is what most cameras are using except for compact cameras such as action cam or dash cameras but even so, there are also some other cards to consider like the Wi-Fi card and CF or Compact Flash card. The Wi-Fi card is actually very interesting and not many seem to know this type yet. As the name suggests it is a full-size card with built-in Wi-Fi feature.

This card is very convenient because instead of storing the file directly to the storage, it is uploading them to the cloud, computer, or smartphone wirelessly. However, just like with any direct and indirect process, this type of card is slow to work with since we need time for them to transfer the file. On the other hand those with old cameras released decades ago, you may need a CF card instead or some may have both the SD can CF card slots.

Next it is wise to consider the capacity of your memory card to decide how much you will need from the storage to contain all the file or data. It is better to never fill up your card than running out of space when you still have many to capture. Usually photographers or enthusiasts buy at least a 64GB capacity to shoot in either JPEG or RAW, but you may need higher storage if shooting video as well, especially if recording in 4K.

In addition, memory cards come in different speed ratings which are usually stated by the company on the product you have. The speed can be separated into class and overall it is best to have a high-speed memory card whether it is on the writing or reading. Writing tends to be more important for applications like in a camera because it is mostly used to store data but if your application is more on the accessing the file, the reading speed can be just as important so the device will perform faster.

 SanDisk Extreme ProSanDisk Ultra Plus
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About SanDisk Extreme Pro and Ultra Plus

Now when you are done deciding the card to buy, it is time to see what the market has to offer because we have more than plenty out there and it is not easy to select one. For those with cameras and often shooting fast moving objects we highly recommend getting a card that is known to have reliable speed such as SanDisk Extreme Pro Vs Lexar 1116x but, you can also choose many other offerings from any trusted companies as long as the specs fit.

If you want to shop conveniently, we recommend selecting one of SanDisk memory cards because this company is very well-known for their amazing quality. They tend to be more expensive however, especially the higher model or collection but personally we love their cards for the warranty. They offer lifetime warranty for some of the cards, especially their higher model. They have several cards at different speed levels to match with the application and budget but most of them are working really well with various devices.

For those who want a reliable card, the SanDisk Extreme Pro and Ultra Plus are favorite of many but they are far from identical and if you have seen their newest collection, Ultra Plus is actually a very old model from the entry-level range, the same to Ultra as both are at the bottom of the lineup, followed by Extreme series. It is also a bit harder to find Ultra Pro, probably they decided to remove this from the collection, leaving Ultra to minimize confusion.

These are full-size SD cards ideal for large cameras like DSLR and Mirrorless. The two are very similar in terms of look but the technology inside are different and this makes Extreme Pro have the edge in speed. Since speed is the most important we highly recommend this card if your application calls for a high performing card such as if you often shoot in burst but for casual photo shooting and video recording, any of the two will be an ideal option.

SanDisk Extreme Pro and Ultra Plus Design

The shape and design is nothing new and memory cards are made to follow the form factor of the slot and connector so they will look identical no matter which brand they come from. The fashion is different however because as you can see, the Extreme Pro is distinguishable with this black fashion both on the plastic housing and the sticker that covers the unit. On the other hand this Ultra Plus is made with dark gray plastic housing and a light gray sticker.

You can see the specs of these cards and decide which is best for the device and application. There is also a locking mechanism on the card to protect the storage while it is out of your device. Being made for active users, these cards are protected against typical usage such as shock proof and temperature proof, as well as x-ray proof. Just like the Ultra variant, Ultra Plus is very affordable and cheaper than Extreme Pro.

SanDisk Extreme Pro and Ultra Plus Write Speed

Moving next, let’s see what the SanDisk Extreme Pro and Ultra Plus can offer starting from the writing speed. This is simply the speed of a storage to write data so it is important to know how they can be reliable for your application. Typically this is what photographers are aiming for because they want a fast camera, moreover if the device is already capable enough, combining it with the capable memory card is just a wise decision. In this part the maximum burst writing speed is 98 MB/s and 62MB/s.

For the continuous writing which is more accurate for real world performance the Extreme Pro should be able to maintain a minimum write speed at 30MB/s or random write speed at 54MB/s. As for the Ultra Plus, it is a class 10 as well so the minimum speed will be around 10MB/s but with random write testing this card does not fall too far from its brother at around 42MB/s. In camera application, the Extreme Pro is ideal for 4K recording while the latter is ideal for 1080p recording.

SanDisk Extreme Pro and Ultra Plus Read Speed

Next for the reading speed, this tends to be not as important for use in camera but it is helpful when you want to move or read the data. For other applications that store apps or software in the card, this reading speed is important so they can load faster. In this part SanDisk Extreme Pro and Ultra Plus are also different because it is between 176MB/s and 99MB/s so it is quite a huge difference if you are comparing the speed relative to how they access the file.

The sustained speed in real life is not much different and we do think most people will be satisfied with the cards with a random read at 133MB/s and 91MB/s respectively. This way you can transfer the file or read the data faster.

SanDisk Extreme Pro and Ultra Plus Performance 

Lastly for the overall performance, chances are SanDisk Extreme Pro and Ultra Plus will fit in any device that has the proper slot for full SD card. The main difference is in speed if you are using them in a camera, especially those fast cameras made for action or wild-life photography. The reading speed is probably not as important but overall Extreme Pro is faster on both writing and reading performance. However, if you just use the camera occasionally and not shooting in 4K, the Ultra Plus is a reliable choice as well.

SanDisk Extreme Pro Vs Ultra Plus

The two are very similar in terms of satisfaction since you can count on them but the performance is not the same since Extreme Pro is made to have the higher specs both to write and read your data. It is more expensive in comparison to Ultra Plus but it is worth the price gap. If you often shoot in burst or recording 4K, we do think Extreme Pro speed rating is very ideal.

- Shot speeds up to 90MB/s, transfer speeds up to 170MB/s
- Perfect for shooting 4K UHD video (1) and sequential burst mode photography, (1)Full HD (1920x1080) and 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)
- Capture uninterrupted video with UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) and video Speed Class 30 (V30)(2)
- Built for and tested in harsh conditions (3): Temperature Proof, Water Proof, shock Proof, and X ray Proof
- Shot speeds up to 62MB/s, transfer speeds up to 99MB/s
- Compatibility: Compatible with SDHC/SDXC and SDHC-I/SDXC-I UHS-I enabled devices
- Security: Built-in write-protect switch prevents accidental data loss
- Lifetime limited warranty


NOTE : Product prices, availability, ratings and save money information are accurate as of the date/time indicated on post time (as seen right bellow the tittle) and are subject to change. Any price, ratings, availability and save money information displayed on Amazon Site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

There is no bad option but we should choose based on which seems to fit you best and in this comparison we highly recommend the Extreme Pro because it is still affordable, very reliable, and overall faster than many similar cards in its category.

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