Seagate Hybrid Drive Review

Have you ever heard about hybrid drive? In this occasion, this article is invited you to recognize about Seagate Hybrid Drive Review. Before we talk about its review, introduce Seagate Hybrid Drive which combines between Solid State Drive and Hard Disk Drive into one hard disk block. As we know, mostly SSD or Solid State Driver uses nand flash with multi level cell. Obviously, if Seagate has combined SSD and HDD into one block hard disk, this product has the better performance than the others hard disk. Yet, is it truly true? Some tests have been done to see whether this Seagate Hybrid Drive is the better one or not.

Seagate Hybrid Drive Review

In this context, Seagate Hybrid Drive will be compared with other product. From this comparison, the customer can see the advantage and weakness from Seagate Hybrid Drive itself. Firstly, we can take a look about the advantage from this product. Seagate gives the advantage for this product with combine between SSD and HDD. You can meet the product like this because Seagate is the one find out this invention. And then, if we look into its performance, Seagate Hybrid Drive has the better performance with others. For notebook user, Seagate Hybrid Drive can be the helper for file storage because in notebook, the internal memory is not too big.

Seagate Hybrid Drive Review 1

Seagate Hybrid Drive Review
– The first solid state hybrid drive (SSHD) in a 3.5-inch form factor
– SATA 6Gb/s with NCQ for interface speed
– Boots and performs like an SSD and faster than a traditional HDD
– Installs and operates like a standard hard drive, cross-platform, no drivers or additional software needed

The advantage has been explained above, now it is the time to see about the weakness of this product. A review not talks about the positive value of something but the negative one is also important to share. On some cases, Seagate Hybrid Drive has the poor quality in its work if compare with common drive. Obviously, this case causes the weakness of product from Seagate. What’s next? Although the weakness is not a lot, yet the other weakness of this product is about the price. The Seagate Hybrid Drive is guessed higher or more expensive than other drives.

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