Silicon Power S55 Review

Silicon Power S55 is another product boasting a low, affordable price. With many SSD products being sold at high prices, a lot of manufacturers have tried to provide the customers with more budget-friendly models. However, some people may doubt about the quality of cheap SSDs, because the manufacturers seem to change the internal components in order to achieve such low production cost. This is not always true, however, because we have seen many budget SSDs that are able to perform very well and satisfyingly. One of these models, though it is nothing extremely astonishing, is Silicon Power S55. It is a budget-friendly SSD choice with adequate performance.

Silicon Power S55 Review

One of the major plus points of Silicon Power S55 is that it is available in a wide array of capacity choices. It comes in four variants: 120GB, 240GB, 480GB, and 960GB. The weight of the variants varies between 41g to 60g. Silicon Power S55 is a 7mm 2.5” form factor SSD, so keep that in mind and make sure that it will be able to fit in your system. Well, unfortunately, it does not come with a spacer so you will need to look for a spacer if you wish to use it for a 9.5mm HDD bay.

Furthermore, Silicon Power S55 is quite rugged and solid as well. It is designed to be vibration resistant and shock resistant. Its vibration resistance is up to 20G, while its shock resistance is up to 1500G. It is much more durable than any HDD.

Though coming at a low price, Silicon Power S55 does not compensate for features. It already uses SATA III 6Gb/s and supports TRIM, Garbage Collection, Native Command Queuing, and RAID. So, it is reasonably durable and reliable, ready for more extensive usage. However, it has only average performance compared to most SSDs available on the market. It boasts sequential read and write speeds of up to 540 MB/s and 480 MB/s, respectively, while its random 4k data read and write speeds are up to 43k and 24k. Of course, these are not exactly big numbers, but, nevertheless, it is still significantly faster than HDDs, making it still a viable choice for upgrading from HDDs.

Silicon Power S55 Review
* Capacity:120GB, 240GB, 480GB, 960GB (TLC)
* Dimensions:100.0 X 69.85 X 7.0 mm
* Weight:41g~60g
* Interface:SATA III
* Performance Read(max.) : 960GB 540 MB/s, 480GB 540 MB/s, 240GB 540 MB/s, 120GB 520 MB/s
* Performance Write(max.):960GB 480 MB/s, 480GB 480 MB/s, 240GB 510 MB/s, 120GB 370 MB/s
**Note: Performance result may vary, depending on system platform, software, interface and capacity.
* IOPS(4K Random):43K/24K
* Operation Voltage:5V
* Vibration Resistance Test:20 G
* Shock Resistance Test:1500G Max

Pros of Silicon Power S55
– A very affordable SSD
– Acceptable adequate performance
– Rugged construction

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