SSD vs HDD discussion is crowded in internet or some media. The SSD (Solid State Drives) and HDD (Hard Disk Drive) are storage of computer, laptop, notebook or ultrabook. Although they are data storage, they have substantial differences which make the people try to move their concern from HDD to SDD. Many people think that SSD has more advantages than the HDD. Is that true? SSD vs HDD topic will be clear with explanation below.


The SSD or Solid State Drive consisted of Circuit board, NAND Flash, SATA Controller and Connector. It is a data storage which has high speed performance. That is because SSD does not need plate as if HDD. So the write or read ability of SSD is faster. There are several benefits of SSD that is not owned by HDD. The SSD is more durable because there are no turning plates which can be damaged by a shake. It is really need lees power, so it will be very compatible with  ultrabook or laptop battery.  It is lighter although the capacity is equal with HDD. It is also more comfortable to use than HDD because it is quieter.

How about the HDD? Almost of people must know about the HDD or Hard Disk Drive. It is a data memory that consists of metal platters. The metal platter has magnetic coating. The coating is place where data saved and it is also very sensitive, even the dust can damaged it. There is a head which will read the data. The platter will spin when the computer is turned on. The HDD is heavier than SDD because it consisted of several platters.


ssd vs hdd

There are many topics about SSD vs HDD which is very interesting for the people. They look for the advantages and disadvantages of SSD and HDD. In efficiency side, the SSD is more excellent than HDD. The SSD is more concise than HDD, so it is lighter and easier to carry. The disadvantages of the SSD are expensive price. The capacity of the SSD is lower than the HDD capacity. The maximum capacity of SSD is still not more than the maximum HDD capacity. The SDD data writing durability will be slower if the existed pages are disorganized any more.

The good news of HDD is having really big and various capacities. The HDD price is lower than the SDD price. The HDD is not as rare as SDD in mass market. HDD is still familiar among the people until this day. Based on the SSD vs HDD explanation, you can choose which storage you are really needed

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