VelociRaptor Vs SSD

As an attempt to rival Intel’s SSD or solid state drive, Western Digital created Western Digital Raptor or often known as VelociRaptor or WB Raptor. This is an HDD meant for the high performance and rival SSD from Intel. There might be some people who are not familiar with the so called VelociRaptor but recently, the HDD has been offered widely in various shops. In the end, there are people who are tempted to get VelociRaptor and need help to find out more about it. What about the VelociRaptor vs. SSD? Will VelociRaptor come out as the winner or the opposite?

VelociRaptor Vs SSD 1

Western Digital Raptor or VelociRaptor was first announced on 2003. The next generation was announced on 2008, 2010 and the most recent, 2012. Despite the fact that VelociRaptor meant to be high performance hard disk drive, in reality, it severely defeated by Intel’s SSD. Solid state drive by Intel is way better in term of performance. SSDs are faster and more reliable to be used. Whenever the comparison of VelociRaptor and SSD comes out, the answer is always similar. Despite of all improvements made so far, the high-end HDD is unable to compete with SSD in term of performance. See the differences between SSD Vs HDD.

VelociRaptor Vs SSD

The thing that attracts many people to VelociRaptor is the considerably cheaper price compare to SSD. However, when being compare to the more traditional hardware, it is actually more expensive but it could be understood. The downfall is obviously the performance. It is not as speedy as SSD and some people have already disappointed with this fact. It is obvious that VelociRaptor cannot be used as replacement for SSD. It is true that SSD has the more expensive price compare to the VelociRaptor. However, with the better performance, the higher price will be worthy. SSD is the true winner here.

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