WD N900 Review

WD N900 review that is written here talks about Western Digital Net N900 router that usually becomes one prime requirement for browser. Finding information through internet, download file, upload photos, and more becomes easier because the present of router. Router itself eases you to browsing anytime and anywhere without difficulties.

WD N900 Review

If you are looking for the dual band router with great set, you may see the review about product has been said above. This router was launched on 2002 and become the great competitors for other routers in the global market. Yet, is it good router at all? Let’s see!

WD N900 Review 1

This router is available for using in any gadgets, such as personal computer, smart phone, and even on tablet. There are various facilities are given to the users, such as its classy appearance, LED, internet connection, and Wi-Fi protected setup. Its advantage not stops here, this router is also equipped with two USB ports, WAN port, and there is a surprise is given by the manufacturer, which is seven ports gigabit switch. Mostly routers only have 4 ports, with its facility that is different with others, this router is confident to be the competitors for other routers.

WD N900 Review 2

WD N900 Review
– Accelerated, seamless HD streaming with instant traffic prioritization
– FasTrack Plus for best HD entertainment
– Up to 450 + 450 Mbps Wi-Fi speed
– 7 Gigabit ports, 2 USB ports

Although this router has advantage and it makes difference from other routers, obviously this router has weakness. One weakness that is showed by this router can be seen by its performance that is slow as compared to other router brand, which is Asus. For the conclusion, this router is designed well, either for the user interface and its software. Has no ability to move with high speed and no sophisticated feature becomes its weakness. If customer or user want to put this router at office or home to support them in internet using, definitely it is impossible because its performance has shown this. Asus as its one competitor has the better performance in higher speed than Western Digital Net N900 itself.

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